Letter to His Holiness, the Dalai Lama


Your Holiness,


I recently stopped by the Tibetan center in Bloomington, Indiana

and was offered a sticker: "Everything is connected."


You've said the great movements of the last hundred years or more

have failed to deliver the universal benefits they were supposed to provide,

despite many wonderful ideas. But there's one idea that's been overlooked,

and with your assistance it can and will bring peace, compassion, and

understanding into the world--a spiritual revolution, if you will.


As it turns out, the American constitution contains a convention

clause in Article V (this is not a political matter, but a legal matter).

It's a right of the people to hold a convention when governance begins to

fail, and/or corruption becomes institutionalized, and/or legislation

endangers our futures. In other words, the American Declaration of

Independence was written into Article V of the U.S. Constitution.


Before such a convention can be called, the states must cast

applications, and it's recently been discovered all fifty states have

applied (www.FOAVC.org <http://www.FOAVC.org>  ). Thus, the USA is currently

mandated by its constitution to convoke and convene a convention of state

delegates. If done, it do what it was designed to--provide for a peaceable

reformation, a purge of corruption, through a balance of power which is

lacking today. As you've said, people have an innate desire for freedom, and

the human race can neither tolerate nor function properly under tyranny. The

U.S. Constitution and its convention clause was written with the aim of

providing freedom for human beings.


You've said that you have long looked forward to the time when we

could devise a political system, suited both to our traditions and to the

demands of the modern world--a democracy that has nonviolence and peace at

its roots. Your Holiness, that system does exist, and since everything is

connected, it all starts with a convention here in America today. This in

turn will bring about that which you've long looked forward to.


You've said the Buddha saw life's very purpose is happiness, and

that while ignorance binds us in endless frustration and suffering, wisdom

is liberating--that modern democracy is based on the principle that all

human beings are essentially equal, that each of us has an equal right to

life, liberty, and happiness. Your Holiness, the convention clause of the

American constitution was the wisdom written into law based on this

principle. Power corrupts and holding a convention, in order to build

consensus, places things back into balance.


If, as you've said, the truth is the best guarantor and the real

foundation of freedom and democracy, then we must not only recognize why the

convention clause was placed into the American constitution, but that it's

currently mandated.


You've said that each of us must learn to work not just for his

or her own self, family or nation, but for the benefit of all humankind;

that universal responsibility is the real key to human survival; that it's

the best foundation for world peace, the equitable use of natural resources,

and the proper care of the environment. If so Your Holiness, based on all we

know to be true today--and that everything is connected--it's logical then,

that advocating for the Article V Convention is the most profound act of

compassion a person can practice, as it checks the forces which deceive,

corrupt, and enslave humanity.


If you were to advocate for the Article V Convention, I believe

such action by Your Holiness would help usher in a peaceful revolution of

freedom and justice over the current tyranny. I imagine that if you held a

private meeting with a group of American celebrities who are Buddhist, that

a plan of action could be devised to create a tipping-point majority of

their fellow sovereign citizens calling for the Article V Convention, which

would coax the call out of the U.S. Congress. From there, in due time, a

global revolution of freedom would ensue. I believe this to be the answer to

bring about the changes we've all looked forward to.


If you have any thoughts or questions, I'm at your service.




John De Herrera


PO Box 5888

Santa Barbara, CA 93108